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welcome to the Epic NFT World

The eternal portal suddenly opened and many Epic Characters came over from the other dimension. Let's call out the Epic Heroes and Super Villains, hear their voices, and revive the memories. Turn on your creativity and be stunned by the character you choose.

Featuring Epic Characters such as: Heroes, Dolls, Villains, Giants,... and so on. With this Epic sale, we are welcoming an exclusive group of collections, brands, DAOs, and individuals are the forefront of technology.

Epic NFT Characters World is building his own dystopian world. With this EPIC sale, we are welcoming an exclusive group of collections, brands, DAOs, and individuals are the forefront of technology, who are expanding their presence into our metaverse. Next week’s EPIC sale will be your chance to plant your flag in this PROJECT to receive 1st priority to purchase a limited-edition physical 3D sculpture at a special one-time discount.

These limited-edition sculptures will be 1/599.

To redeem this right, each buyer will have to write to to receive instructions to make his request to personalize buy the sculpture with the character of his choice as well as the text, and receive it by postal service "the postal company depends on the country where our partner is located.".

The Remarkable Epic NFT Heroes collection by FCP is a celebration and ode to all our partners inspired by the perspectives of cultural diversity. The collection showcases powerful “personalized” messages of hope, inspiration, and affirmation in several languages that together make this collection truly remarkable. choose your epic character, and choose your destiny in the game of life.

Guided by a deep sense of purpose and meaning, our mission is to uplift and empower everyone by focusing on representation. This commitment begins from launch, where 20% of drop proceeds will be dedicated towards our strategic partner to support digital projects that help children and adults discover their personal calling, directly attacking social problems such as suicide. Thereafter, 10% of all secondary sales will go to our "cristoestodo" impact fund, the proceeds of which will be decided and voted on by our community members for causes dedicated to promoting education, justice, equality and spirituality worldwide.

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Robot de combate

The initial sale has sold out. To get your Heroe, check out the collection on OpenSea.