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I'd watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic myself if I hadn't been repeatedly told it was a children's show by my mother, the notorious wuss. I know nothing about the series, so I can't recommend it to you, but I'm sure you could find someone on the interwebs to recommend it to you. It's a fan-based, grasshopper, and it has all the necessary elements for a Saturday morning cartoon: likable characters, funny dialogue, some action, a cute girl, cute guy and a cute idea. It's like their counterparts on the small screen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with magical ponies! If only they had lived long enough to make sequels. It's a shame they didn't go further with the idea of Twilight Sparkle as a "pony lady", in the same way that Batman is a "man-with-a-woman" (a woman-with-a-man). As the ponies say, "Friendship is Magic!" ​ In a land far, far away, in a land called post-Penny-Arcade, the protagonist is a pony by the name of Twilight Sparkle. Her best friend is a pony by the name of Rainbow Dash, whose quills (flamboyant fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) are never still, nor ever more than one inch apart from one another. The teenage unicorn's teacher is a pony who can't spell but goes by the name of Professor Rainbow Dash, and is an expert in the field of magic, unicorn or equine. Her arch-nemesis is a cynical, foul-mouthed filly by the name of Rarity, who has been expelled from Canterlot High for her lesbianism. Her home is Ponyville, an often hostile town, where the ponies live in harmony with one another. At least, until a day when there are ponies, from the streets of Ponyville, who don't want to live in harmony with each other, and they attack Ponyville. Pinkie Pie and her best friend Applejack, whose pink-and-yellow jumpsuit suggests that she's the sister of the Western-themed character Johnny Bravo, are the only ponies who have survived the attack, although they are badly injured. Twilight Sparkle can only be the last one to know about this incident, so it is up to her, the best pony-school teacher in Ponyville, and her



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