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His pursuit of the latter has led him to publishing six books on the topic of . The following interviews were conducted with him via Skype. In this interview, Parag talks about his career, in depth about the mathematical discipline of , how it has helped him unravel, and how it has helped him in everyday life. **A** **.** The first question is about your journey as a . This book is the culmination of my journey as a . It is also a journey towards my goal of making others understand the basics of . I have been learning and teaching for more than ten years now. But it was only in 2016 that I started writing and publishing my first book on and I have a lot of fun with it. I like this discipline for its natural beauty, its brevity, its simplicity, and its power. I started to learn the basics of  from . Then in 2016, I started learning  from . I learned that learning was very important. I had my doubts at first and didn't do well at first. I used to make silly mistakes and not understand my mistakes. After a few months, I understood that  was the perfect way of learning  and  is the perfect way of learning . My friend and I started my blog in 2011. Our blog is still active and people all over the world read it. I had reached the milestone of publishing more than 300 blogs. But the blog that made me proud is . A lot of my readers joined from that blog. It was a turning point in my . I realized that I need to write books that bring in more people and more learning opportunities. I thought I would write for my readers and they will learn along with me. As my readers have read , they joined and I started the journey of writing my book. I have explained in my first book and in . There is no need to explain to my readers again. If you want to learn , you should read and . I wrote with the intention that will be understood by everyone and will be an easy and simple book for them to learn . I am happy to have such readers and am continuously happy to get better at . My goal is to make an important part of every single person's life. **Q** **.** 



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